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Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu (2023)

CATHY has just returned to Indonesia from studying abroad as a gynecology specialist (pregnancy and uterus health). Arriving in Jakarta, Cathy’s friends and family welcomed her proudly. But along with her new title and job, Cathy is also under pressure from her parents to get married. One candidate emerged as the strongest candidate for Cathy, his name was Erol. Cathy’s friend has long harbored feelings for him, but Cathy has no intention of welcoming those feelings because her heart is still trapped in an old love with MALIK, her boyfriend from high school. One day, Cathy meets an old friend, her name is HANNA. They met while Cathy was practicing; Hanna comes as a patient who is pregnant. As a form of letting go, Hanna invites Cathy to have dinner at her house. But how shocked Cathy was when she found out that Hanna’s husband was Malik. Cathy’s surprise grew when she found cancer cells in Hanna’s body.

Genre: DramaRomance



Duration: 110

Quality: HD


: 5.4