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First Love (2015)

She is a short-term amnesiac patient who lives a high school life. Ha-young is shocked by the appearance of Lim Sung-sik, a psychiatrist who accidentally interviewed while dubbing in a recording studio. The hallucinations and nightmares, which had been suspended for a while, begin again. Ha-young decides to seek counsel from Sung-shik. However, this was a calculated act. Seongsik had been in a high school student’s house and had a first love like Hayoung. However, there was a tragic event, and with the shock, Ha-young had forgotten everything related. Ha-young’s unforgettable sexual expression approach her again. The chocolate she remembers intensely, the music she loves and the advice of her program. But Hayoung’s psychotic symptoms become serious and her forgotten memories gradually survive. At the end of the conflict, Sung-sik gives up Ha-young and tries to leave her side, but decides to kill So-hee, a homosexual lover. Hayoung’s tragic memories of the day are completely revived. Forget First Love 2016 HDRip 첫사랑

Views: 1214

Genre: DramaEroticRomance


Duration: 81min

Quality: HDRip