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Forensic Medicine Song Ci 2: The Four Deadly Sins (2021)

During the Song Dynasty, Song Ci came to Changting County to take up a post, and focused on the study of autopsy in order to write the “Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified.” One night, a man and a women died at the same time, shaking up the whole county. When Song Ci heard about the case, he intervened the investigation and found that the case was very stage. While he found himself being cornered, Song Ci thought of the woman he hasn’t dared to meet for three years, the Changting County “All-rounded” Dan Qing. So Song Ci went to Dan Qing to enquire about the two recent murder cases, and asked Dan Qing to join the investigation. After a series of analysis, reasoning and visits, the truth is finally revealed.

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Genre: CrimeDramaMystery

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Duration: 97min

Quality: HD