Imprisonment (2020)

Ha Ni was searching for the whereabouts of the people around her. Weirdly, she finds that the writings of Yeong Cheol, a web novelist, started all of this. Sang Hee is upset with her husband. Through a friend’s recommendation, they find a place to heal, though it is difficult to tell whether it is a dream or a reality. Dong Seok is the husband who found such behaviors as strange. He follows her wife’s navigation to see what she’s up to. He is also experiencing strange phenomena. In addition, Yeong Jun, who had a death experience, has a strange experience of moving in the space of others. Ha Ni and Yeong Cheol’s conflict to exhaust the boyfriend and the people around them, and Dong Seok’s favor to Yeong Jun to find his wife, they can’t tell if it’s a dream or reality.

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Genre: Erotic

Quality: HDRip