Chains of Heart Season 1

Ken survived an incident in which Din, his lover, was shot dead in front of him in the middle of a forest in Uttaradit. After that, Ken manages to escape and settles down as an assistant chef at a Chinese restaurant in Singapore for two years. Ken has been stuck with that nightmare and deeply hopes that Din is still alive. Ken becomes more withdrawn and does not communicate with anyone in Thailand. He prepares and intends to return to take revenge for Din. But then, Ken’s deep hope collapses when Phayu, Ken’s best friend, and Hin, Din’s elder brother, tell him that Din’s body is found and Din’s parents will hold a funeral for Din in Uttaradit. Although Ken desperately wants to see his lover’s body for the last time, he refuses to go back. That night, Ken is attacked by a villain. A mysterious man in black saves Ken live in time and after Ken wakes up at at clinic, he wants to find out who the man in black is.