Joseon Attorney: A Morality Season 1

Even in Joseon, a country of conservative Confucianism, there was a lawyer correcting injustice and protecting the rights of the people. Kang Han Soo is Hanyang’s best attorney with a perfect win rate. Han Soo is a man of magical character who is well versed in laws even outside of Joseon and captivates men and women of all ages. He is a troublemaker who causes the people to sue each other. Next to him, there is Lee Yeon Joo, who hides the status of a princess and plays the role of a helper by disguising herself as a servant by opening a female pavilion. To what end will Han Soo’s thrilling Joseon court revenge head? What fate awaits Yeon Joo, her fiance Yoo Ji Sun, and Han Soo?