My Dearest Season 1

Jang-hyun is living without purpose or desire. He’s a cold-hearted man who loves no one until he gets introduced to love after meeting Gil-chae. She is charming and admired by all, but her first love, Yeon-jun, is already engaged to her best friend, Eun-ae. Yeon-jun, a ( Sungkyunkwan student, struggles with his feelings for Gil-chae but cannot break off his engagement due to tradition. Eun-ae does not doubt nor hate the two. As Jang-hyun becomes entangled in this unusual love triangle, Gil-chae, who has only loved Yeon-jun, is confused about her own feelings. The relationship between these four gets put into an even bigger twist at the breakout of war. Will they survive the challenges of war and find their love amidst the chaos?