Unchained Love Season 1

During the reign of Long Hua, Xiao Duo, a powerful eunuch in charge of the imperial court, plans a palace mutiny with Prince Fu to help him ascend to the throne. Bu Yinlou, a tribute lady that was supposed to be hanged as a tribute to the late emperor was saved by Xiao Duo as Prince Fu fancies her. The two of them spend a lot of time with each other and develop feelings for each other, but due to their status, they have to hide their feelings. Xiao Duo goes to Jiangnan to supervise a silk trade with a foreign country, and Yinlou accompanies him to visit his relatives in the south, during which they fall in love and finally reveal their hearts. But the road ahead is full of obstacles, Xiao Duo’s true identity, the threat of the King of South Court, and the suppression of the emperor in the palace. The two of them have to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and decide to enter the palace, but Xiao Duo misunderstands her. What is the fate between the two?

TV Status: Complete


TMDb: 5.333

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