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Sex Girl 10 (2020)

In a big house that suddenly opened, a boarding student is looking for someone to share money and loneliness with. A boarding student happened to come to Ga-yeong’s house through a friend’s introduction. However, the boarding school student, who naturally thought she was a woman, was an adult male, and Ga-yeong continues to be wary of Hyeon-min. However, as soon as she finds out that Hyeon-min is a good person, Ga-yeong seduces him. Meanwhile, Hyeon-min’s friend Jeong-woo happens to visit Ga-yeong’s house… and the sweet and bloody story unfolds between two friends with a woman between them. μ„ΉμŠ€ μ†Œλ…€ 10

Genre: Erotic


Duration: 74min

Quality: HDRip